Another dawn, another watch

There is something about the blue Dietrich SD-1 that makes me smile. It's the only watch that I wear on a butterfly clasp bracelet, which says a lot about it when considering that I'm not a bracelet fan, that I dislike butterfly clasps and that the SD-1 came with a complimentary matching blue rubber strap, which is very nice.

Taking a photo of the SD-1 it while the sun hasn't decided yet if it's worth its while to commit itself to rise proved to be less fulfilling than wearing it. The first shot was dark and grainy with just the yellow of the tin box adding a splash of color. I had some hopes it would turn to be better, but that's what it is.


There is something about this time of the day when within seconds the light changes from being dim to when the first rays are lighting the sky. Suddenly the colors return to the world and I witness the creation of a new day. I was not sure I would be able to catch it but the photo taken above was shot just at the right moment.


The SD-1 is a a wonderful subject for close up photography because it's floating dial creates very nice effects with shadows behind the indices and text while the light refracting through the sapphire bezel insert light it up with a blue halo.