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Digital watches 2024

Hi I'm liking digital watches at the minute and have been wondering is there any other brands apart from Casio,Casio G-shock, and Timex that do digita...

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commented on Digital watches 2024

Nice I will have a look thanks

commented on Digital watches 2024

Quite few watch companies then. I'm not looking at smart watches just digital. Only smart watch I would consider is the G-shock but they are quite big watches and I have small wrist. Thanks for replying.

commented on Casio_collector's WRUW

I wasn't sure it was I did buy it on eBay. It does the Casio if I hold the button down. Still a good watch I'll use it till it breaks and buy a original. Next time I'll buy direct from Casio or Amazon.

commented on What Price Range Do Most Of Your Watch Purchases Fall Into?

1. For me as I'm just starting my collection.

commented on Starting my watch collection

Thanks for replying. My main idea is to collect some Casio's as they are cheap to start with. If I'm still collecting in a year or so I'll start looking at more expensive watches.

commented on What would Jesus Wear?

Casio f-91w #casio

commented on Reizer's WRUW

My first watch already looking at the royal for next month's purchase :) #casio

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Starting my watch collection

New to watch collecting currently own a Casio f-91 and a sekonda maverick. Already looking for another watch to add to my collection. I see a few peop...