Safe Journeys F-105

Dear Casio F-105,

We had some good times for those couple of weeks that we were together, but we both know that if I want to wear an uber inexpensive casio I reach for the F-91. Even though your colors almost perfectly match with the DW-5600 and your backlight is way better than the F-91, it's time to part ways. Sometimes watches don't click with people, which is okay. Luckily you are inexpensive enough that I can just hand over to someone who needs a watch. You are going to my coworker, A., who is a good guy. A. is going on the road soon, I almost forgot to mention that he is a hell of a guitarist, so your fate is one that some people only dream of, being in actual touring rock band. I know you'll keep A. good company and good time. I'll be sure to mention to him to not get you too wet and not to get bug spray on your strap. F-105, you are a good watch. Maybe bordering on great, but thats true of most casios. You're going to be A.'s one watch, so I'm sure he'll appreciate you. Maybe one day I'll see you on the cover or rolling stone.