A few weeks ago I showed you the Ohio in black.
But now I would like to show it to you in orange.

The specs are the same, but in orange - I think the watch is even more convincing. 
45mm diameter
height of 20.2mm
Automatic movement
3000m WR (!)

The 3000m are worth mentioning and you don't find this very often.

The workmanship is very good for microbrands and RGMT really knows how to convince here. Other brands that produce somewhat larger watches can definitely take a leaf out of their book.

What do you think of this beautiful beast?


Looks nice. Does it double as a Power Ranger transfirmation device? Maybe an emergency knuckle duster? 

Because good god, that has got to be the most 'in your face' kind of watch'. Looks good. Love that WR.