Breguet Museum Paris

Breguet has an excellent museum above their Paris boutique. The museum is free, but you have to schedule an appointment.

My wife and I were on vacation in Paris two weeks ago, and we made it a point to visit. The collection ranges from the 1700's through the present day. I wouldn't consider myself a Breguet enthusiast, but seeing this collection gave me deep respect for the brand. I highly recommend this museum if you are interested in the history of watchmaking, and/or you want to see some incredible timepieces. Attached are some of my personal favorites from the collection.

  • A quarter-repeater watch with a moon-phase and date window from 1823. So yes, the community has been arguing about date complications for quite some time. 
  • A self-winding watch from the 1780s
  • A small gold ring with a watch and an alarm function from 1836. The watch has a little needle that pricks the finger of the wearer.


Thank you for the tip. It will certainly be a point of interest for my next visit to Paris. 


Winston Churchill's Breguet is on display in the War Rooms in London.