Gifting watches

One of my close friends called me asking me for recommendations for a watch around $200-$300. It’s the day we all dream of right? After going back and forth on options, I thought, hey I have watches I never wear anymore…. And offered him one of my Seikos.

Although I’ve had wonderful memories with this watch, including proposing to my wife, I was ready to part with it.

To my surprise, when I attended his wedding shortly after, what do I see on his wrist. My watch! What an honor!

Has anyone else shared our addiction, erm, passion with anyone else and it actually stuck?


yes & now his wife blames me for their meager savings...


My brother got me into this ‘hobby’ be gifting me a few Seikos. The rest is history 💸


Yes, quite often.

Good to purge the watchbox, and let's good people know how much they mean to you.


This past Christmas I gifted PRX Auto to a close friend and co-worker of 15+ years. He always had a watch, but all were quartz watches. While sitting across him in a meeting one day, I noticed he was wearing a new watch and asked about it. "Oh yeah, Julie got me a new watch", he said. What did Julie, his wife, got him? A Coach watch. Yes the handbag maker. Needless to say I gave him grief for a few years every time he wears it.

I found a good deal on a PRX this past Christmas and gift it to him. My intention was to introduce him into the world of automatic watches. To my delight, he really likes it and wears it all the time now. And yes, I haven't seen the Coach watch since.