Orient Kamasu, I'm amazed!

As a post-birthday gift for my father last year, I purchased him this wonderful Orient Kamasu. He has Parkinson's, and he wears this watch almost constantly since he likes it so much. He always knocks and bangs it around because of his tremors, I saw. And I'm not kidding when I say that this beauty is strong and long-lasting because it is still functional. This is by far the best diving watch I've ever bought for him, and I'd suggest it to anyone seeking for their first or a budget-friendly divers watch.

I just got one of these two weeks ago. The value, beauty, quality, and fit blow my mind. I love it. I hope your Dad continues to enjoy his, and that he鈥檚 doing as well as possible in light of his illness.

Props to your Dad man ... I too have an aging parent (as I am m'self!), so I konw what you're dealing with day-to-day.

The red Kamasu is IMHO, one of the best looking watches ever! 馃憤