Bao Xuan 17 jewel SN2 movement from Jieyang Watch Factory

Likely 70's to early 80s, Bao Xuan brand (translation: something like precious jewel) and was a sister brand to (also Jieyang's) Kiuhua watches.

The 17 jewel SN2 movement used in both Boa Xuan and Kuihua watches was based on a Nanjing Watch Factory 9 jewel ebauche.

Bawang and Kuihua brand watches (like their even less expensive cousins, Nanjing's Zhongshan watches) were build as a less expensive lower grade watch for the less affluent. The cases were good solid stainless but if there was plating, the plating was...thin.

That noted, the value was in the movement, and both the 17 jewel and 9 jewel variants of the SN2 are surprisingly durable, accurate performers.

It says on the back:

ๅฎ็’‡ Bao Xuan

ๆญ้˜ณๆ‰‹่กจๅŽ‚ (Jieyang Watch Factory/JieyangShouBiaoChang)