Like waiting for a bus....

Due to various shipping issues and some customs delays (and nothing to do with the fact that I buy too many watches, oh no) I had two watches delivered yesterday.

First up was the 36mm Traska Summiteer in Midnight Blue. I adore the Sage Green that Traska do but decided I already had too many green dials and the blue would be more versatile. It's a lovely little thing. It doesn't shout and I have a feeling this will be one of those watches that is a slow-burn love. Bracelet articulation is amazing too. I like.


Next up was a bit of an impulse purchase. I had never heard of Clemence before until @Clemence_Watches introduced himself on this forum. I don't really like traditional dive watches but I do have a bit of a thing for skin divers and the picture of the Photic Diver spoke to me. At first I was thinking of the Photic Gradient dial but I already have the Baltic Aquascaphe in a similar colour, besides it was sold out. Thinking I was probably too late to the party I browsed the other colours. Atoll Blue? Sold Out. Abyss Black? One Left. Well, not for long. Ordered the Abyss Black with Bronze Gilt Hands and Markers and it too arrived yesterday (after a message from Tom to say that he had sent it via DHL to avoid the current Royal Mail strike in the UK - thanks Tom!).

It's a lovely thing. Vintage inspired, yes, but the dimensions and the very very thin sapphire bezel give it a modern twist. Very nice bracelet with tool-free adjustment on the clasp. It also came with the Tropic Strap. But right now I have it on a vintage leather strap (a diver on a leather strap??!! Burn him!) and I am really enjoying it.


So, two rather different but rather lovely new watches in one day. I have dumped a few of my other watches on ebay to try and assuage the guilt.

Hi @Al_Ra_Ra, thank you for the wonderful write up! So glad you were able to snag the last Abyss Black and that you're enjoying it 馃槉馃檶聽

Thanks for sharing and your write up,really dig that clemence it's a lovely watch馃憤馃憤

Two watches I like very much, especially the Clemence.

Thanks for the feedback bro