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British Watchmakers Day - Concept Editions release!

Hi Crunchers! Who's heading the British Watchmakers Day?? Here's a sneek preview of the Concept Editions we'll be releasing in celebration of the even...

First watch! What's the right age?

Hi folks, So I'm thinking about getting a pair of first watches for my niece & nephew. They're 3.5 and 5.5 years old & neither have an analogy...

Another Milestone 馃帀

It's been an exciting few days for us at Clemence Watches! Our first ever review in Scottish Watches went live this afternoon and a Frattelo review wa...

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commented on Stunning Clemence Box

Hi Hutch! Great to see you're enjoying your Munro & the packaging 馃帀 I put a lot of love into the boxes so it really means a lot that they're being appreciated 馃檹 Hope the arrival of the bracelet was a welcomed surprise! Our manufacturers pulled out the stops for us & fixed the earlier issues we'd identified. We then worked double time to get them out to folks ahead of schedule 馃コ - nato straps were included as a wee thank you for all the support!

commented on RiversHR's WRUW

Thrilled that you're pleased with it @RiversHR! 馃コ

commented on Clemence Munro - Ridgeline

That's amazing, thank you Craig! No new colours will be made for the Spring restock I'm afraid. Though we may have some in the future 馃槉馃憤

commented on Clemence Munro - Ridgeline

Hi Craig! Thank you so much! Yes, the Munro will be restocked in Spring around May/June time, if you'd like to be kept up to date, please feel free to sign up to our website newsletter 馃槉

commented on Micro Tournament Round 1 Day 7: Oak and Oscar Vs. Clemence

Ah any time CB! Thank you so much for setting this whole thing up, it's no doubt a major undertaking but it's a huge contribution to the community 馃檶! Honoured to be included & look forward to participating in the votes in future rounds!

commented on Micro Tournament Round 1 Day 7: Oak and Oscar Vs. Clemence

Really kind, thank you @Noseyparker1972 馃檶

Great to see such a close vote @dennisbible, appreciate you rallying the Clemence fans! To be honest, I'm thrilled to be such a close second to @oak_and_oscar, I've been a long time fan of their pieces 馃嵒

commented on Micro Tournament Round 1 Day 7: Oak and Oscar Vs. Clemence

Thanks Justin! 馃檹

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We are live 馃帀馃帀

Hi Crunchers! We are live! Pre-orders for the Munro launched yesterday 馃帀馃帀 If you're keen to bag one, there's a little under 24hrs left on our 10% di...

Clemence Munro wrist shots 馃槏

Hi Crunchers! Last week we spent some time in the studio taking much needed wrist shots with the Munro. Oh man, choosing a favourite is like choosing...

Let there be lume! 馃敠馃敠

Hellooo Crunchers! Just wanted to share with you all our first shots of the Munro in all its glowing glory 馃槃 We've packed in 10 layers of Grade A BGW...

Clemence Munro - Ridgeline

Really love the way the Munro catches low light! 馃槏

First Hands On!

Hi Crunchers! The man, the myth the legend, @Max got hands on with the Munro last week 馃檶 Here's a few shots he took of the Pitch Black dial, picking...