Replacement strap for Seiko SNK809

Hi guys,

Has anyone on here bought a replacement steel strap for their Seiko SNK809 and if so are there any recommendations of good ones?

I’ve got a few rubber/leather straps for it but ideally would like another steel strap that’s better than the original that came with it. 

Any help/ideas would be appreciated!



Any 18mm steel bracelet should work. Strapcode,ebay,Amazon etc. should provide a decent selection.

A good bracelet might cost as much as the watch though.


What style are you after? Oyster, mallinaise (I think thats how it's spelt), jubilee, presidential, all make the watch feel completely different. Figure out the one you want and then just buy a bog standard replacement one. Reuse the endlinks and there you go  id make sure they're solid links though


Uncle Seiko


Mates above covered all the safer options with quality i know of already 🙌🏼


Thanks everyone!