Barton Elite Silicone Strap

Over the last year I've dressed up my aging Citizen field watch with a few new straps. A few ZULUDIVER NATOs, a Bison strap from Amazon,  very pleased with that one, gives my watch a Hamilton Khaki vibe. However  those straps aren't great at getting wet, so when it's time to wash the car etc. I wanted a no worries alternative.  My lad was given a watch for Christmas with a silicone strap and I liked it a lot, so decided to try one. I chose the Barton Elite quick release in black, I wasn't sure it would suit the watch but in black, I think it looks quite smart. The Silicone is quite thick but very flexible and comfortable.  A nice brushed stainless buckle and two substantial keepers to keep the strap excess neat and tidy. The outer keeper has a clever moulding that the end of the strap locks into preventing the outer keeper sliding about.  I like the patterns moulded into the strap but I need to get used to wiping off the dust silicone can attract. For £23 delivered by Amazon, I think its a cheap upgrade for this kind of watch.


My experience with the Barton Elite silicone straps on two quartz tool watches has been positive.  They can get sweaty in the heat so in the future I may get their tropic silicone with the holes for ventilation.