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6.75” / 17.15 cm Wrist
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Orient Crystal Three Star - Sea King “Jumbo” Diver

Love the colors!

Aliexpress Watches.

Value and quality minus the Ego.

Casio AEQ-120W

Latest gift from my wife. I owned a verily similar looking GShock but this baby is far more readable.

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commented on tonmed's WRUW ·

Nice piece!!

commented on Collections with Vostok, and Vostok Collectors ·

Love the Amphibia on the 710 ministry case. I have owned a few. I do own a Komardiskie 24hr piece.. on a strange rare new case. Love Vostok.

commented on LUNAR PILOT. Not an alternative, but a competitor! 43.5 mm changed the conversation. IMO. ·

Own the PVD version. No date on NASA strap. https://www.watchcrunch.com/xaguilax/posts/bulova-lunar-pilot-pvd-edition-no-date-38889

Scotts story checks out. EVERY YEAR NASA made a log of the watches it issued and sent to OMEGA for service/repair. It's not secret. From the first space walk the Omega SM crystal also popped out and you can find all this on records. Cheers.

commented on What’s so great about an integrated bracelet? ·

From a design standpoint, integrated bracelets can be superior - not always --but can be. From a practical standpoint they are limiting in the options to replace or change to a new strap. I don't tend to like them because a new strap color or strap material can make a whole new watch- dress it up or dress it down. Having said that I own a few integrated bracelets (like the prx) that did it right.

commented on I am 61 years old and …… ·

Nice piece!! Welcome brother. Enjoy the ride!!

commented on Orient Crystal Three Star - Sea King “Jumbo” Diver ·

I’m going to get your reference too!! Ending 9RB it’s on my sights -in my scope!

commented on Aliexpress Watches. ·

Same same but better, stronger, lighter, faster, cheaper!!

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Casio Royale

Pretty sturdy and nice looking. Octopussy and Casino Royale Bond Watch

Seestern - DOXA homage

I needed a Tiffany blue - pretty good lume -my second stongest and favorite lumed watch after the Helm Khuraburi. Even the date wheel is lumed. And th...

My Casio Collection.

State of The Collection --This year I gave away a blue GShock GAS-100G-1A that was a little oversized for me and I got another person hooked to watche...

Casio DW290-1V - Mission Impossible

Watch worn by Ethan Hunt —- Tom Cruise. Looks like a G-Shock acts like a G-Shock - but it’s not. 200m water resistance.

SKMEI - 1628 - 50M WR

I’m digging this company - I paid $4.25 delivered to my door.

SKMEI - 1338 - World Timer - CASIO A500W HOMAGE 😄

SKMEI World Timer (model 1338) -all gold color - I try really hard to look like Rick James .. so hard ..