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WatchCrunch featured on Watch Review UK

I wrote a short piece on WatchCrunch for my website: https://wristwatchreview.co.uk/watchcrunch-a-social-network-for-watch-enthusiasts
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NTH Nacken Modern

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Marloe Solent Windward

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wristwatchreviewuk commented on Marine Chronometer Company Field Engineer Chronograph Review ·

Sadly, Lorne, who made these watches, has now passed away so I do not think there are any more available.

wristwatchreviewuk commented on PAC-Man lands on Casio's classic digital watch ·

That is totally kitsch and totally cool!

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I bought a vintage DateJust. Timeless, classy and - in my opinion - just as iconic as the Submariner. At the time (2016) my 1977 watch cost about the same as a brand new Tudor. Now prices have gone up a bit, but it's still about the most affordable model from the brand.

wristwatchreviewuk commented on a post ·

Everyone needs a Seiko in their collection. Also check out some of the lower-end "quality brands" like Christopher Ward who make superb watches with almost the same specs as the big names for a fraction of the cost. It makes it more affordable to get an idea of what styles you enjoy.

wristwatchreviewuk commented on Dive Your Worries Away, aka The Happy Watch: Going Hands-On with the Christopher Ward C65 Trident Automatic ·

The C65 is a superb dive watch. I almost wish I had kept mine, but the mismatch between the lume pips and the white text on the bezel just kept on setting me off! The bracelet is superb - I'd definitely recommend buying on a bracelet then adding an aftermarket strap to change up the look - the quick release pins make this simple.

wristwatchreviewuk commented on Building the King Turtle Super Ocean 🔥 Remove the cyclops with a Torch ·

You are a far braver man than I! I'd love to get rid of the cyclops on a lot of watches but I just know I'd end up with a shattered crystal if I attempted it.

wristwatchreviewuk commented on Oris Diver's Sixty-Five Review ·

I think this watch is really classy. I really fancy adding one to my collection - perhaps the Bronze Carl Brashear variant.

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Used Prices of Microbrands

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What's the best all round watch style?

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Guide to buying a Kickstarter watch

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Swiss Made: So What?

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asio F-91W: The Best Wristwatch in the World?

Your wedding day: the happiest day of your life. Couples spend months preparing every last detail, and at my own wedding, I had my attire carefully pl...
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