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Tried the leather band, took it off straight away 馃槀

I've never been a leather lover. I tried the leather strap on the Santos and took it off straight away. I can't seem to get jiggy with leather. It's a...

Monthly Cleaning / Maintenance

Not sure if anyone else does this but I do monthly maintenance checks on all my watches. I sit down and go through the following: Check if any watch i...

Rolex Datejust 36 Wimbledon - Fluted Jubilee 馃憫

I am very fortunate that we have an amazing Sydney watch community in Australia 馃グ I was able to swap out my Rolex Datejust 41 Wimbledon smooth bezel...

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commented on Monthly Cleaning / Maintenance

Yep I try to keep them all running to see if somethings wrong.

I didn't do this with my previous collection and found that my seamaster that I bought new needed stuff done to the movement after 5 years of owning running outside of specs.

I'm finding that the santos and Explorer are running a touch fast but within specs at the end of month which are the two pieces I got used - the speedy and datejust I got new are running fine. That and I need a new hobby 馃槀

commented on More than one watch in a day, routinely!

Not weird at all. I'd rotate one for the day going to work, change it for the arvo, then change it to walk the dog 馃憤

commented on workingmanlifestyle's WRUW

It's super scratched now hahahahhahaha but it's okay 馃槈

commented on Explorer 40mm Review - Not Your Typical Explorer 鉁堬笍

Good advice I've screenshots this 馃憣

commented on First Rolex AD Call Purchase - Wimbledon Datejust 41 馃憫

Yep, same watch different lighting 馃憣

commented on Explorer 40mm Review - Not Your Typical Explorer 鉁堬笍

I got the steel and gold 36 Explorer, swapped this with the brother.

I honestly don't mind either way, I think I'd probably prefer the 36mm in all steel but if I had to keep the 40mm I'd still be very happy.

commented on First Rolex AD Call Purchase - Wimbledon Datejust 41 馃憫

Yea the purchase history helped but I previously had my name down for a datejust for 4 years so I just got lucky with this configuration.

I don't think we can walk in and buy in Aus unfortunately. Not a thing for a long time.

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Comparing the Tudor Black Bay 39 vs Rolex Datejust 41 馃洝馃憫

One of my earlier videos comparing the Tudor Black Bay 39 and Rolex Datejust 41 with the smooth bezel and jubilee bracelet. The dimensions are extreme...

A day out with the Explorer & Pluto my dog 鉂わ笍

Out with my little family, exploring with the explorer.

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Omega Speedmaster Professional White Dial 馃対馃寶

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Showcasing my Rolex Explorer Steel & Gold 馃憫

Update to the collection - Swapped out the Explorer 40mm for the 36mm in steel and gold with the bro 馃憣 The 36mm fits much better on my 6.5inch wrist...