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I was mooching for a nato strap for this black Timex, and thought a red pinstripe would be nice with the crossbar design on the dial. Anyway, there we...

Which battery?

Any quartz experts? I picked up this Pulsar V537-8B20 at a charity shop. It might be totally goosed, or it might just need a battery- but there's no b...

Mail order catalogues

Many years ago, "when I were a lad" etc, I used to excitedly pour over my mums mail order catalogue when it came through the door. Toys, "VIC20 or Spe...

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commented on Baltany

Ive had a look at their range - very nice stuff.

commented on My first automatic watch

Oh they are so nice!

commented on TimeIsOnMySide's WRUW

Nice. Tasteful.

commented on Rolex explorer/oyster perpetual alternative? I need your help!


commented on Timex Marlin Jet

I've not seen it in the flesh yet, but it is really nice. Some original touches there which really make it stand apart. I'd have one, for sure.

commented on Watch collections within a watch collection

Agree about Rotary - surprised they don't get a bit more love.

Thats a nice collection.

commented on Modern Vintage Dress Watches...we should talk about these more

If I ever wore a suit, I'd be tempted by the Titoni Line 1919:

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Brand loyalty

Do any of you out there have that collecting urge come over you for a certain brand? Maybe it's something with sentimental value and you decided to ad...

Accurist upgrade After the re-brand last year, Accurist have introduced a range of automatics, including a very nice diver, a...

Sekonda Heritage line

I've just spotted these Sekonda's - really taking the 'retro' theme a bit further back here. I think they're cool - and at the price, worth a go for s...

2nd hand Rotary

I picked up this lovely Rotary 2nd hand locally. It keeps good time, and ticks away for a couple of days after winding. The crystal was badly scratche...

Reasonably priced vintage

My late fathers watch is a Titoni Airmaster, from the 1950's. Googling that name, I realised it's a long established model and picked up another one t...

Accurist re-brand

Just browsing online, I noticed Accurist have had a bit of a re-brand, changing the font on the logo, and launching a new collection, making a big dea...