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Hey guys, I am a new member here and I guess I have a very different daily watch that I wear. I use a Garmin Tactix 7 Pro, I feel like this isn't a wa...
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viccao123 commented on The Speedmaster 3861 looks HUGE on my 6.75 inch / 17 cm wrist ·

I think it looks perfect, I do like slightly larger watches though. I wouldn't worry about it looking too big unless you find it comfortable. At the end of the day as long as you think it looks good thats all that matters.

viccao123 commented on New Member ·

I have the same issue haha, I want to benefits of a smartwatch like the connectivity, tracking and on my particular one a flashlight, but I also love the looks, longevity, presence and the engineering of a traditional watch. I think its crazy how there are so many moving parts in a watch and the tiniest about of energy in a spring can keep it going for so long. That is why I do want to get my first mechanical watch someday, I'm just looking for the perfect one for me.

I too use to have an Apple watch but have switched over to Garmin because it was a bit too connected and too high maintenance. I didn't like charging it every night, the durability and didn't need to call on my wrist. Thats where I think Garmin is better for me, I can get a month of battery life, still receive quick notifications, find my phone support and it much more rugged.

I can't tell you which watch brand is the best because everyone will like different things but for my uses, I love my Garmin and also love learning about other watches.


viccao123 commented on New Member ·

You are absolutely right, there is no perfect watch for everyone and the most important part is that you like what you wear. Although I do love my smartwatch, I really want to get my first real mechanical watch. I did have a swatch from when I was younger but that doesn't count haha.


viccao123 commented on New Member ·

Thanks! Looking forward to all the cool watches the community has!

viccao123 commented on New Member ·

Thanks! Im glad the community here is very open and won't hate on smartwatches for the fake of hating on them.

viccao123 commented on New Member ·

Can't go wrong with the automatic. For me I do a couple of outdoor activities a week and also weight training so fitness device kinda fits my lifestyle. I also do like the quick glance notifications to see if they are important or not so I can decide to use my phone or to ignore them.

I have been trying to find the perfect automatic watch that will last decades and will be super versatile for me. 2 options I like are the Explorer 2 and the Tudor Black Bay Pro.

viccao123 commented on 8-Bit Brew - Fun But Elegant ·

That is such a cool looking piece. I love these unique fun looking watches