Oil Filled Watches Anyone?-Part II

U-Boat Capsoil Darkmoon – Poor Man’s Ressence? | KeepTheTime.com

The U-Boat Capsoil collection was officially announced in November 2018. They just released the second iteration of this concept called Darkmoon. This new line takes on a more minimalist approach with a lower entry price, but looking at it, we can't help thinking about other oily timepieces - because in the watch industry, there is


Good morning Crunchers! Just wanted to say thank you for the great responses from you guys on my last post on oil filled watches!

I found this one while digging around the webs some more. Check it out!

As far as the comments on my last post, yeah, I feel you on the concerns about price, the watch being fragile etc. I didn't know that you can modify a Casio to be an oil filled watch!

Anyway, have a safe and great day and I have to go to the dentist today and get 3 fillings put in. Oh boy. My mouth is going to be numb for 6 hours😂


The bubble would irritate me with this.


The thing that holds me back with something like this is that it's a lot of ££ for a watch with a £15 movement. Yeah I get that there's other craftsmanship at play and this is a never ending argument but IMHO this one takes it to the extreme. Plus the bubble is annoying AF!


I think it's cool 😎👍


It is cool!

That being said, I'll pass for several reasons. Not the least of which is cost.


For those that don’t like the bubble in the U-Boat’s, it’s actually the feature of the watch so you can tell it’s oil filled. And once you’ve seen it in person it’s seriously cool AF and you won’t be able to take your eyes off it. Don’t regret buying one at all.