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New ish GS

Another ebay pickup, this 25th anniversary for the 9f quartz movement made in 2018 was Ltd to 600pc. It also came with 2x GS straps & buckles, bar...

A new blue GMT for me !

I'm super excited with my new SBGE255! I've owned a few Titanium GS models that are incredible. I was always torn about a stainless steel model as GS...

Grand Seiko

Grand Seiko Quartz - SBGN013. Great accuracy, inky black dial and it's a light catcher. What's not to love on this Sunday!

I'm done with watches

Started a sometime in April and I got lucky when I saw my grail pop up for <$4.5k on eBay. It showed pre-owned but I still took that leap of faith...

My first GS

Always wanted a cool White Dial Watch, with a small color accent. So i checked out such Watches for the last 2 years .... and initially bought a used...

Grand Seiko Sunday

Goodmorning Crunchers! Wearing my SBGN013 on this Grand Seiko Sunday! This watch is a light catcher with it's sharp indices. In the second image you c...

My first Grand Seiko - SBGH201

Got my first GS today. And sent it back the same day. :( Was a "basically new" SBGH201 which was "barely worn", and does look absolutely "flawless". A...

Grand Seiko Quartz 9F86

Set it and forget it (at least for a few years). Loving my Grand Seiko SBGN013 GMT. Feels great on my wrist and the Zarutsu polishing 🔥

Eastern promise.

So I’ve just purchased this JDM mini turtle , and of course I am very happy with it. I’ve read some reviews about the JDM watches seiko make & the...

Zaratsu polish getting scratched in time

Hi, Zaratsu polishing has become a trade mark for Grand Seiko and some Seiko LX. It looks stunning when new in the box but will inevitably get scratch...