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Which Franken Tony is Best?

I might have tripped and fell down the build rabbit hole for a minute. Which one do you like the best?
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I can't believe I've bought this.....

The above watch goes against every snobbish watch principle I ever grew up with. It's way too contemporary, some would say futuristic. It has none of...


Maybe it's just my misunderstanding, by why is someone going through the WRUW posts posting a sad crying reaction? I just don't get it. Is this person...
Wearing another watch from the Big box of wtf? Despite the face (which was applied by someone with more enthusiasm than skill) Iโ€™m pretty sure this is...

I don't get Chrono24

I just saw a watch I've been lusting after for the last few weeks for sale on Chrono24. The seller wants a $263 markup for the exact same watch that c...

Uh Oh

My brother-in-law has had his BB58 for about 2 years. He wears it as his daily driver. Iโ€™d imagine thereโ€™s few BB58s seeing as much active use/wear as...

Literally a Paper Watch (Well, Tyvekยฎ, But Still...)

Found this on Amazon . Just wow. It looks like they went all out with the design, too. What's next? A watch made from a banana peel? Merkins? The sky'...

Why is Saturday Blue and Sunday Red for Seiko?

On many if not all Seiko day/date watches, weekend days display with colored lettering while weekdays are black. As the thread title states, Saturday...