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Is Anyone Else Impressed With Timex Recently?

Timex will always hold a special place in my heart, as the first watch I ever got was a Timex I got for Christmas when I was seven years old. However,...
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I Am a Convert to the New Seiko 5s!

OK, I have to admit it now. I have had my SRPG35 and my SRPH33 for a couple of months, and I am a convert. I was initially very critical of the SRPDs...
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Finally Got A Timex Q; The Other Royale!

I finally broke down and got myself one of the new Timex Q watches; the Timex Q Digital. I found a discounted price on Amazon and couldn't resist. Thi...
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Favorite Watch from the Movies

Sporting my "Arnie" this morning and getting ready for an Arnold Schwarzenegger marathon today; Predator, Commando, Raw Deal, and The Running Man. Any...
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New Timex Space Invaders

Just arrived yesterday and I am excited. I am just a big kid. 🤣
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What’s your most recent addition?

Comment your most recent watch in your collection! Even put why you got it if you have the time Mine is the new Linen Islander! I love Long Island wat...
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Timex Expedition Scout Solar

My new T80 Space Invaders got me looking through my Timex watches and I decided to wear this one today; my Expedition Scout Solar. Not a bad little fi...
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Bracelet or Nato strap?🤔

Summer is coming! Do you prefer to wear a bracelet or a comfortable and light nato strap?🤔 Let us know in the comments!👇
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Orient Star Offers Great Value Just Like Orient!

If Orient is replacing Seiko 5 as one of the best entry-level options, I think Orient Star needs serious consideration as one of the best mid-tier opt...
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Timex T80 Pac Man

I found a great price on one of the new Timex T80 Space Invaders watch and bought it yesterday, so I am wearing my T80 Pac Man this morning to celebra...
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