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TimexBadger ·

As promised pics of my watch office

Hi folks, As promised here are pics of my watch office. My goal is to make it look like an antique watch shop, which is where I work from home. It is...
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celinesimon ·

What Were Your Favorite Releases from Watches & Wonders?

My top three favorite new models (that I would actually wear) are: Vacheron Constantin 222 (in my DREAMS, lol) Cartier Tank Louis Cartier Black and Go...
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Cdfaltz ·

2022 Novelties anyone buy anything yet?

After “watching“ 😉 Watches and Wonder content from the YouTubers anyone already visit thier AD and make a purchase?
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buettner ·

VTNR and BLRO side by side

This is a little late but wanted to share a comparison shot I got with Rolex today against my own BLRO. I think the bezel colors work well (it's the s...
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Horolawyer ·

One thought comes to mind…

I wanted to get everyone’s thoughts on this. I am eyeing this new GMT from Tudor. Personal preference. I admit the new BB Pro GMT 39mm is also amazing...
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Bobofet ·

There! Fixed it…

There are lots of thoughts already going about the Ned Flanders Leftorium edition GMT. I haven’t seen as much discussion on the new and improved Air K...
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zachweiss ·

The Tudor Black Pro

Thought you’d all enjoy this 😁
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Romaediem ·

My thoughts on Tudor, and other considerations about W&W2022

A lot has been said already about Watches and Wonders 2022 , but this is the internet, and here is my unwanted opinion. I would like to focus on Tudor...
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Romaediem ·

What would you like to see at Watches and Wonders next month?

Following the 'usual' COVID-related uncertainty of our times, Watches and Wonders has been confirmed. With less than 2 months left before the show, wh...
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buettner ·

Zenith Chronomaster Sport // Rolex Daytona 116519LN

I brought my Daytona to a meeting with Zenith to get these two next to each other. I really love both of these watches, and I think Zenith is right on...
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