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When Your Self-Awareness is Non-Existent I'm not sure if this is going to be an instructional "How To" video or if Pa...

Wear a VC and donโ€™t get mugged!!

Is this the justification for buying a VC everyone needs?? jokes asideโ€ฆ Scary but useful info none the lessโ€ฆ On edit have a look at this. Met police d...

Knife-welding thieves steal luxury watches worth <$1M in Ginza; witnesses close the door? Watch phone video of 3 masked thieves who robbed the Quark Ginza 888 watch shop during the day. The thieve...

Stolen watches more lucrative than drugs

Stolen watches more lucrative than drugs. Features Paul Thorpe.

Watch-Crime: Cologne Watch in Germany was bombed

Looks like some criminals tried to break into the well known secondary market dealer Cologne Watch by blowing up their store front last night. Luckily...

Hugely expensive watches - a risk worth taking?

The story is behind a pay wall, but the headline says it all. Or does it? Is it really this dangerous to wear hugely expensive watches these days (or...

Music industry manager stabbed to death for โ€˜fakeโ€™ Patek Philippe