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Chaimzvi ·

Share Your Wedding Watch

This is my Seiko ultra-thin quartz dress watch purchased in 1986 by my in-laws for my wedding. I have since worn it at my daughter’s wedding and my so...
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Max ·

JAPAN vs SWISS round 2 (dress watches)

Following up on @Omeganut post. I feel like it's still hard to argue that the Japanese have quite the breadth of the Swiss in all aspects but where th...
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theodore ·

The new RM UP-01 for Ferrari

This new watch, the first in the collaboaration bewteen Ferrari and RM, measures 1.75mm thick front to back and weighs in at 30 grams including strap,...
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TomInJersey ·

JLC Ultra Thin Moon

Picked this up from my AD yesterday. While everyone else was lining up for Moonswatches, I got a got a moon watch of my own. I am in love. This is my...
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eliamathias ·

NWA… Weird thing!

I impulse-bought this piece last week while searching for an ultra thin gold watch for very occasional wear. It is an Edox Les Bémonts Quartz in rose...
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Lugsandlumeblog ·

Hamilton Intra-Matic Review

The Hamilton Intra-Matic, and the 38mm version specifically, is an underrated watch in Hamilton's collection. It's not perfect, but it's pretty close....

Hamilton Intra-Matic

4.6 Avg. Score
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sfwatchlover ·

Bulgari Octo Finissimo Chronograph GMT in Steel Case Review

In the 2021 GPHG Award Ceremony just took place on Nov 4th, 2021, Bulgari Octo Finissimo Perpectual Calendar won the top prize the “Aiguille d’Or” Awa...

Bulgari Octo Finissimo Chronograph GMT in Steel Case

4.8 Avg. Score
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celinesimon ·

Same, Same, But Different - Royal Oak Edition

I'm working on an Audemars Piguet Royal Oak homages/alternatives article. I thought fellow Watch Crunchies would be interested in what I've found so f...
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lmchew ·

Iconic Model Imperfections

What are the most iconic, perhaps divisive, perhaps misunderstood, watch design “imperfections”? The first two that come to my mind are the SMP300 hel...
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TimesAddiction ·

My Essential 3

Dress, Casual & Sport. All I need... maybe a Chrono!? 😂
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marianivan10 ·

Kevin and Teddy had a budget of $12500 each and build two affordable collections. Which one would you choose?

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SNWatchNerd ·

Did your first watch ruin you? / Influence your collection? A brief personal watch history . . .

Guess this is serving as my #Welcome post. My first serious watch in a long time happened to be a watch that wasn't on my radar. My wife and I were va...
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OldSnafu ·

Everyone meet Frank nh35 not GS and not BB58

Latest creation with the dial I like and the hands I love in a sapphire Explorer kind of case topped off with a cop nato
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DigitalDivider ·

Just Got It This Weekend! My New Rangemaster!

I just got this on Saturday. My new Rangemaster. I put it on a Barton saddle leather strap. Just not a fan of bracelets, but I think it looks really g...
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robbits ·

Seiko SRPH25 with custom leather strap

This is my first automatic watch. I was drawn to its all-black finish, Milanese bracelet, and the black pilot watch dial. Picking up the dead watch, t...
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HookedinBern ·

Alpinist in the Alps

Seiko Alpinist no. 3 (of 4 now) is on duty this weekend in the Italian Alps. Need to get s tropic strap for day time activities- then can swap for a D...
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robstacam ·

In the wild (not really)

I didn’t wear it boarding, but still looks great with the backdrop.
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