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tesseraic ·

How I pick watches for travel

My brain kept coming back to a comment I posted on here a month ago about how to pick watches for travel, so I wrote up my thoughts in a blog post . T...
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Fiatjeepdriver ·

How many watches do you travel with?

We just bought plane tickets for a 2 week vacation and I'm wondering how many watches I want to bring. Yes I can get by with just a single watch but w...
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eliamathias ·

Expensive watches when travelling?

I will leave for Berlin, Hamburg and Amsterdam tomorrow and I‘m not sure what watch to bring… I‘m in the most intense honeymoon with my new Explorer 1...
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syc143 ·

Travelling with a vintage watch

I have a vintage Omega Seamaster Cosmic from the mid/late 1960s. I absolutely adore it and was thinking of taking it on a trip with me later this mont...
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LookAtTheTime ·

2 Watch Travel Case

I’m looking for a compact, secure travel case that can hold 2 watches. Preferrably under $50. any recommendations?
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temporal_goods ·

Traveling with the Submariner

I love to travel with my sub and Apple Watch, and whichever watch isn't being worn goes in our carbon fiber Rigid Case . Which watch(es) do you guys l...
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Orangehand ·

Adventuring with my Explorer II

I thought about leaving it in the bank safe and bringing a less expensive watch with me on a trip to British Columbia. Really glad I didn’t. From swim...
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JustinPHX ·

Taking a trip to Europe for my 40th - what brand of watch should I get?

Hey all - this is my first post on WC - been watching Max's videos for a while and it's time to dive in. So long story short - I like to buy watches w...
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Drmedme ·

The Rolex hunt

Anyone else desperate to buy a Rolex anywhere around Europe? the AD act as if you’re begging them for food. As a young buyer this really hurts my psyc...
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temporal_goods ·

Anybody have any summer trips planned?

Where are you guys going? 🌎 Drop a comment 👇🏼 This #aquaracer is adventure-ready in our rigid travel case made of carbon fiber and machined aluminum....
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