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Help prepare my Camy for battle

Greetings, Crunchers; I have some exciting news. I'm going on a motorcycling trip with my cousin, uncle and father through Swaziland; it's technically...

Travelling with 3 watches

I will be heading off on a 2-week holiday to Spain and France - specifically Barcelona, Sete and Marseille - starting Saturday evening. To do a quick...

Traveling as a non-normal human

Dear fellow freaks, I'm sitting at the Barcelona airport waiting for my flight back home to Germany. My company's European HQ is in Barcelona and we h...

Travel Tuesdaay- let’s see your favorite GMT

Delma Santiago GMT Meridian for me, what GMT is in your collection or on your wish list

The Watch Journey 2024 🌎⌚️ "The Santana Edition"

Good morning watch friends! 🙏 Some exciting news today, I’ve had final details of the NEW TRAVEL WATCH 2024 , I am calling this “ The Santana Edition...

Visited tallest statue on earth Statue of Unity in India🇮🇳🫡

Just visited Tallest statue of the world "statue of unity" in Gujarat India 182 meters tall, twice the size of Liberty 🗽 Brought my DWC Vayu & HM...

Travel wraps, travel cases or ???

The travel season is upon us and there are questions. There is the old question of whether to travel with your grail watches or your beaters can creat...

Trip to watch heaven - any recommendations?

I’ve booked a trip to Geneva in February. Can’t wait! Just wondering if any crunchers who have been before can give me any recommendations? I guess th...

Traveling to Japan - G-Shock Shopping Guide

tl;dr: If you’re looking for brand-new G-Shocks, Bic Camera stores are likely your best bet. If you’re looking for used, rare, or discontinued G-Shock...

What Are Your Travel Essentials?

For me, the choice of wristwear can be just as important as the destination. My choices for my next trip are my Seiko GMT and my Speedy ref 165.0032....