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Juanluisgarcia ยท

My 2023 Summer Starting Lineup

anOrdain Model 1 Pink Dial on grey suede strap for formal-ish social gatherings Grand Seiko 44GS Hi-Beat GMT โ€œBlue Peacockโ€ #sbgj261 on blue rubber st...
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awatchtowear ยท

Is there such thing as a Summer watch?

While i was listening to the most recent Worn and Wound Podcast, Kat and the team talked about summer watches and how some people buy watches just for...
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Jon_boy ยท

Strap change

Had a change over. Switched from an aftermarket bracelet on my Seiko 5 SNK355K1 to a blue leather strap. Summer time ๐Ÿ˜Ž โ˜€ ๐Ÿ‘
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Navig8 ยท

Casio GA B2100C

Hi Friends, Anyone who's had hands on experience with this watch? Is it a good summer watch?
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SuperDaD ยท

What is your summer watch?

Do you have any funky or colourful summer pieces? Letโ€™s have a look ;)
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Fiatjeepdriver ยท

Summer watch

I'm thinking about a summer beach watch and wanted to see what you'd do. As the photo shows in really considering this ti citizen but I'm also thinking about building a new watch or just using what I...
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Miginath ยท

Fun and affordable mechanical watch HMT Kohinoor

I don't wear it that often but when I do it brings a smile to my face. HMT is now a defunct watch brand but you can still find NOS examples like this...
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pdxwatch1 ยท

Help with summer straps!

I have a small collection of microbrand watches. They're not exactly dress, but they're definitely not divers or pilots. The Farer in the photo is my...
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JorenV ยท

Looking for a summer watch

Hello Watchfam!, Summer is almost around the corner, so for a lot of us that means travel, sunnier climates and some water activities, and off course...
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JapanExclusive ยท

Changing watches with the weather

I noticed recently that my lovely new dress watch that I had been wearing to my office every day for a while now was accumulating scratches faster than I cared for. It took me a moment to realize that...
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