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AI generated watches [Part 2]

I prompted Midjourney to design a Speedmaster Inspired by the X-Wing from Star Wars. This is the result after a couple rounds of blending and prompt a...
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GS Divers are the watch of choice in a Galaxy Far Far Away (1WC)

GS Divers are the ultimate GADA in a galaxy Far Far Away, and as such are a no brainer for a #1WC competition. Grade 5 high-intensity titanium 6Al-4V...
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C-3PO in watch form

I am more Star Trek than Star Wars, but the embodiment of fiction robot in watch form is too good to pass up 馃槀馃槀馃槀 Any R2-D2鈥檚, C3 or other robot watch...
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Which Force do you use?

Are you on the Light or Dark side? I Can say I may be a Sith Lord 馃憖馃檲
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Star Wars Citizen Eco Drive AW1578-51W

Lovely eco drive 42mm silver stainless steel case. Exhibition case back with Darth Vader & Luke Skywalker duelling with lightsabers.
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Happy Star Wars Day! Show us your Star Wars watches!

Back in the day, I was mad about Star Wars (had all the figures, comics, books, bedding, t-shirts, light sabre, etc.) until I saw the film itself... a...
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Star Wars x Fossil watch - May the 4th be with you

Yep, another company is using the massive pop cultural icon, Star Wars, to build up hype to sell a watch based on this most famous brand. As a Star Wa...
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OMEGA Seamaster Jedi Chronograph

Watching the restoration of a OMEGA Seamaster Jedi Chronograph what an absolute masterpiece of watch making and the amount of detail that goes into it...
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I am new here!

Hi there! I am new here and would like to show off my first Citizen watch I just got. I have been eyeing this watch for 2 years. I had Apple Watch but...
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This watch is 馃敟馃敟馃敟!

This is my first try on today. Loved it!
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