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Green Speedtimer

AD just sent me this on mail. I am not too sure about the green dial though, still gravitating towards the white or black 39mm. Thoughts? Is it availa...

Help a brother out 💁🏻‍♂️

I’m debating grabbing this speedtimer, anyone own the ssc911? Is it better than the ssc813? The price on it right now is to hard to pass up 💁🏻‍♂️😂

Speed timer Thursday

I am finding this is on my wrist a whole lot more than I anticipated. More so than any of my mechanical pieces. Something about its accuracy and simpl...

💚 This was unexpected

So while I'm still tempted to trudge into the CBD relatively early on Saturday morning (or in about 6 hours time) just to see if there is any hubbub a...

Review Seiko Prospex Speedtimer SFJ005

Perfection… I don’t use that word lightly. I’m a car nerd too, and this is the best representation of what I love in an analog gauge cluster… see Pors...

Seiko SFJ005

4.8 Avg. Score

The new Prospex Speedtimer

Wanted a speedtimer for a good while now, but couldn’t decide on the original or the ‘go-large’. This watch saved me the choice! Loved it as soon as I...

Happy dad's day guys. Checking off the alpinist and speedtimer off my hitlist.

Father's day treat to myself. Happy dad's day guys hope you have a good one. Atlast, checking off the seiko alpinist off my hitlist. Been on the fence...


New arrival today and I'm over the moon ...

Seiko SRQ035 speed timer auto chronograph…. That dial!!

I’m usually a diver wearer but this dial won me over. So nice!!

That dial….❤️❤️Prospex Speedtimer 1964 Mens Watch SRQ035J1

This dial drew me in from the beginning and still does… put it on the supplied leather strap, the bracelet is one of the best seiko have done, but for...