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Bedtime stories with @edge168n: A review of R is for Rolex

With my deepest apologies to my friend @valleykilmers , who is the first person I know of who wrote this book up on WatchCrunch and also the rest of y...

Diaper Book Club LOL

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Watch while sleeping?

Hello fellow Crunchers, I am wondering: Do you guys wear a watch while sleeping? Personally I only take my watch off to shower and for Sports but othe...

Sleep with watch on or off?

Sleep with watch on? Which watch? Why? Here鈥檚 mine: Yes Apple Watch (right wrist) and any mechanical or quartz (left wrist) in my collection. It鈥檚 hon...

Sick in bed and which watch on your wrist?

The sun finally arrived in northern Germany and my body decided it's time for a break. So I'm staying in bed today and choose the Sinn 558I RS to keep...

Goodnight hollyweird ! Till next Friday!

In bed by 3 goodnight Hollywood 馃暫馃従馃馃ぁ馃懡馃馃懝鉁岋笍馃

Do You Wear a Watch While Sleeping?

It seems like day one, time has been my task master. Early on, from anxiously waiting everyday to admire Judith Wright鈥檚 angelic face in second grade,...

Do you sleep with your watch on?

Please show your favorite overnight watches.

Who else sleeps with their watch on?

Anybody else sleep with their watch on? I honestly just feel off/naked if I attempt to go to sleep with a watch not on.