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Nomos Club not working- send good vibes

As title said. Put on my Club this am, wound and set and started the day but noticed after an hour that the time was still the same. Oh well, maybe I...

Rolex service on grey market watches?

I've been keeping an eye on the Rolex Milguass (116400gv) through watchcharts since it was discontinued and prices have no dropped below retail for th...

First service!

I got this piece for about $30 a couple of months ago. It ran too slow, so I had it serviced for triple what I paid for it, but I think it was worth i...

Independent Citizen repair center recommendation?

Does anyone know an independent Citizen repair center that they'd recommend? Citizen says parts are no longer available for my watch and the website I...


Hi. After some opinions on this. I went into a local jeweller about something different. Ended up talking about watch servicing. Jewellers said that s...

Service or not to service that is the question?

To service or not to service is a dilemma I’m facing right now. I purchased this Amonimo Militare a few months back, preowned. It was running notoriou...

A Simple Bell & Ross Battery Change

A friend of mine asked me if I could change the battery on his Bell & Ross Type Demineur. I think the beauty of being in the world of watches is t...

Today I received my Sinn U50 back

Hello Crunchers, Today I was at Sinn to pick up my cherished U50 from the first service. I was in Frankfurt for business this week anyway and was able...

How often should you service your watch?

I’ve had my speedy for about 3 years now and never had it serviced. It keeps time like it always has and even if it didn’t I’m not a stickler on the e...

Comparing my latest Boutique experiences

Disclaimer. There will be criticism of Rolex here. More specifically about the experience in sales. These are my personal subjective experiences and f...