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archie ·

Alpinists Dial

Hello everyone, after I did a poll this forum some time ago, I finally decided to buy the Seiko Alpinist. I've never seen these alpinists in the real world, I've only seen them on the internet. Want t...
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turbillonagre ·

Seiko Prospex Alpinist SPB121/ SPB209 VS Hamilton Khaki Field Murph 38

I know this is probably one of the hottest horological versus matches of the moment (is that even a thing?). Even Max has put these 2 head to head on his YouTube channel. But surprisingly, after a qui...
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Matt84 ·

2 new watches 1 new mini collection

This week I got 2 new watches the Seiko Prospex Land Tortoise a Seiko Prospex Solar Diver. Prospex is definitely my favourite affordable line from Sei...
4 367 ·

SPB143 - Review of a (re)ownership

As you may notice from the title, this is not my first time owning the SPB143. In fact, I bought my first unit a year and a half ago, after I’d spent...
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GoingTopShelf ·

Thoughts on crown-feel when winding a watch?

I have 11 watches in my collection, 5 of which are mechanical. I have a vintage Hamilton Sinclair (hand wind only) three automatics that can be hand w...
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jmarind ·

I finally got my Seiko Prospex Turtle black!

Well, this morning arrived one big white box with the name 'Seiko' on it! I knew it was my Prospex Black Series Night Vision SRPH99K1 finally coming,...
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ghhitchen ·

When you've 100% decided on your next watch and then ....

I had absolutely decided that my first watch of 2023 would be a Hamilton Khaki Field Automatic 38mm. I then watched Andrew Morgan's "10 Enthusiast Wat...
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itfighter ·

Seiko Prospex Diver Showdown

I always wondered. What is the best Seiko entry-mid tange lvl diver. I've had the Monster, Samurai and now the Turtle. I was wondering if I missed anything by not owning an SKX 🧐 Well... I know whats...
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nightfury95 ·

Seiko SPB239: Under the radar model in the 62mas lineup unlike the SPB143

Picked up this model at the start of December, and been literally wearing it more than my Presage GMT these days. After selling my BB58 last march, I...
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MisterTurtleTime ·

guess who joined WatchCrunch😏

Hi there guys! Maybe you know me from TikTok or Instagram but my name is Mr. Turtle Time! I'm a true Seiko turtle lover and I love to photograph my Tu...
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