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ChronoGuy ·

Salmon-ella infection update...

So my previous post dealt with the affliction some of us have of not being able to resist salmon dials. Here is that posting: https://www.watchcrunch....
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ChronoGuy ·

Anyone Else Afflicted with Salmon-ella?

Maybe it's just me...but anytime I see a beautiful salmon colored dial it hits that part of my brain that says "you need that watch". Now, of course,...
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JackieMoon_LMS ·

Salmon or Pink Dial Recommendations

Looking for a salmo, pink dial or even a hint of rose gold watch to commemorate the arrival of our first child, a girl! Looking for budget friendly op...
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VictorAdameArt ·

Late nite watch photography

Just wanted to share this photo I took of my Brew retromatic - copper. I'm starting to get into taking nicer photos, you could call them "artistic" ev...
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Professor_F ·

Tudor submariners should get more love

I love it when snobs scoff that "Tudor subs are just Rolex knockoffs" or whatever. I just think "wow, who knew! In that case, please show me where I c...
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UnderDaCuff ·

The temptation

To be honest I bought this to flip, paid half retail, it's been hard not to just open it and take it out for a spin.
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marcky ·

Zelos Comet (Salmon)

Stoked to have checked off a few boxes with a single watch: Aviation-ish style (never really took to any full-blown/pure aviation-style watches) Secto...
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delta6 ·

Which color strap for a watch with salmon dial???

I have this Tissot PR100 quartz watch with salmon dial. It is on the original bracelet, which I do not fancy that much. I wanted to put a leather stra...
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elijah723 ·

Kurono Tokyo Anniversary 朱鹭:TOKI

A watch designed by Hajime Asaoka, a renowned Japanese independent watchmaker and a member of AHCI since 2015. I have no words but praises on the look...
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watchchris ·

Montblanc Heritage GMT inspired by Minerva

I have to say I really love Montblanc watches that have taken inspiration from Minerva. I never connected much with the brand before, however since th...
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