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This sucks!๐Ÿคฌ

It sucks that this is a very real thing that happens in some places of the world. Keep safe out there, watch fam.๐Ÿค— Be aware of your surroundings. Try...

TV Show "Bookie" (w Watch Content)

Have any of y'all watched the TV show "Bookie" on Max? Its kind of funny and actually has some collectable luxury watch content as an ongoing theme in...

Knife-welding thieves steal luxury watches worth <$1M in Ginza; witnesses close the door? Watch phone video of 3 masked thieves who robbed the Quark Ginza 888 watch shop during the day. The thieve...

Rolex Grey Dealer Robbery Staten Island -May 2023

$2.5M IN WATCHES STOLEN FROM STATEN ISLAND BUSINESS IN WELL-PLANNED BURGLARY ABC New 7 link to the robbery news over Memorial Day weekend The Wristwat...

thank God for life..

long story short two guys try to nicked (robb) me of my Rolex datejust in south east London, but it didn't go according to their plans cuz one of them...

Have you personally had a watch stolen off of your wrist?

The plural of anecdotes is not data, so curious to see how many of us enthusiasts have had a watch stolen off of our wrists while wearing it. Having a watch stolen from a house or off a desk does not...
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