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Timergrapher discussion

Good day watch enthusiast. I been thinking to get a timergrapher to check my watches at home. They have several options at Amazon from around $100 all...

Roamer, gaining about 15 minutes a day. That kink in the hair spring seems to be quite severe, would that be the cause of it running fast. That is my conclusion. I have demagnetised the movement.

Roamer running fast by 15 minutes a day

Lightly wound watches running really fast!

So I tend to wear a number of watches on rotation rarely wearing a watch for more than a day or two. Usually when I pick up and set an automatic watch...

Regulation story to cheer you up.

Morning all (or afternoon or evening wherever you are), I finally got around to taking my watch, a Seiko Alpinist, to finally get regulated. After moa...

I know in reality it doesn't matter, but

Last night I set the watch using my mobile. Sub second doesn't hack, so I set the chrono running. Today it was out🙄😂, worst case being 10 seconds on...
Feiko Bronze Express. Had to do some work on it, accuracy was off a bit, and I realized I forgot to install the dial washer, so took the hands and dia...

Behold! A Well Regulated Seiko Turtle (not quite a review)

I find that a fair chunk of my watch collection are Seikos, but is it because Seikos fit my income bracket better than other watches, or is it because...
SNK Sunday. This one is packing an NH36 rather than the standard 7S26. Also, those who denigrate the NH series... Shhhhh. It's not Seiko's fault that...

Value of a timegrapher

Bought this watch used. 2 months old and it still had blue plastic in the more remote areas of the clasp. I figured how screwed up could it be? Put it...

Nicely regulated Jack Mason

This Jack Mason Hydrotimer is running well with its Miyota 9039 movement and 51 degree lift angle.