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viccao123 ·

New Member

Hey guys, I am a new member here and I guess I have a very different daily watch that I wear. I use a Garmin Tactix 7 Pro, I feel like this isn't a wa...
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Lumeseeker85 ·

Just introducing myself

Hey guys! I'm Steve, and I've been collecting watches for a few years now and im looking to meet some more people in the community! Currently living i...
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contraband ·

Dont hate but....

I'm considering buying a new watch (I have made previous posts about it but my budget took a big turn and now im down to like 300 usd) so I considered...
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TalkingDugong ·

New Revelot coming soon! The R10 Admiral GMT

So, I just saw this on my Instagram. Went to their website to check it out. It's using the Seiko caller GMT so I guess it should be cheap, cheap-ish....
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contraband ·

getting a new watch

Hi, im trying to get an affordable new watch, something that is preferably automatic. Any recommendations? (my wrist is not big but I do own a classic...
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Stroud_Green ·


Just arrived! A little bit of unboxing to do after work 😀
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Johnbx ·

Seiko, take my money!

June 23…..that green 🤌
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ThirdWatch ·

Watch Shopping

How do you choose a watch, typically? Is it a predetermined watch, for example “Today I’m hunting a Rolex Explorer”? Is it more of a spec list hunt? H...
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