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mortalenema ·

Alien Ripley Double x Mcfly

It finally arrived. No help from DHL. My Alien Ripley wristwatch with double Marty Mcfly Casio CA-53Ws from Kokopelli’s Watch. I’ve been following Kok...
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Deeperblue ·

Weekly themed photo thread: The Movies

This week's theme: The Movies Welcome to our inaugural weekly photo post. This is everyones opportunity to post any cool watch photos you've taken wit...
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Robair ·

Top gun. No spoilers. Pilot watches.

Hey all, I had to wear this to the movie as you understand why. For anyone who seen the film there are some watches that all the pilots seem to be wea...
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P4RZIV4L2045 ·

Your favorite watch worn in a movie/tv series….

Mine is this Hamilton Ventura 🙃
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PBateman ·

What's your favourite movie watch?

Post a pic of your favourite piece of Hollywood horology. For me it's the Seiko 6309 worn by Ed Harris in the Abyss. Let's see your favourites, do you...
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donchoco ·

Seiko 7A28-6000 "Bishop" ("Aliens; early 1980 )

I've been a huge fan of the Alien franchise and the Seiko 7A28 chronographs. I finally found a 7A28-6000 "Bishop" in good condition and it's on the wa...
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watstoki ·

Watch Art ~ Seiko H558 Arnie

A digital art tribute to two 80’s Icons. The stars of Commando, Raw Deal, Predator and The Running Man.
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MWC2020 ·


I love a good film that’s for sure! What I love even more is spotting a watch I know in a film that I love! But what I love even more than that is see...
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Zulu6ix ·

Terminator 2 John Connors watch

So John Connors actual watch is believed to be a Rothco Field watch which is plastic and generally very low quality. Good news for Terminator fans is...
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Bobofet ·

Name a Star Trek character and the watch you could see them wearing

I’ll start: Picard. #jaegerlecoultre Reverso Hybris Mechanica Calibre 185.
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