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Max ·

WatchCrunch x Jack Mason: True GMT

I had the pleasure of meeting Peter from Jack Mason watches @TimeToDesign recently and we started a conversation about collabing on a watch. Wanting t...
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Joerou ·

Miyota Problems

Hey y’all, my beloved Smiths Everest is acting up again. I bought it in May, and this is the second time I’ve had this issue. I had it “fixed” once by...
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Pauly711 ·

Microbrand - Wise time piece (Miyota)

Hello guys, Im an amateur watch collector. Very new to the journey.. i currently own a few casios, a couple of tissots (coutourier and pr100) and just...
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Jewbaka ·

When do 9015-powered watch prices start to sound ridiculous?

I wanted to to a series of polls for the sake of a consensus and curiosity!
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itx_official ·

How's the movement of the Citizen Tsuyosa (NJ0150)?

I'm thinking of buying a Citizen Tsuyosa, since I really like the style of the integrated bracelet and it's a very cheap alternative to the Tissot PRX Powermatic 80. One thing that's holding me back h...
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NoTime4puns ·

First Automatic Watch

Picked up my first automatic from DIY watch club. It took two tries but it was fun to build and customer service was extremely helpful. My only mistak...
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StanleyFookinShelby ·

Next Miyota 9075 release? Could be promising...

Came across a microbrand called Jack Mason the other day here on the Crunch. Did some research and it looks like they just announced a GMT with the hi...
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Konsalik ·

The surprisingly lukewarm reception of the Miyota 9075

About a month ago, another user already posted about the upcoming Miyota "Traveler's GMT" movement 9075, but even though this caliber surfaced well ov...
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mathanram ·

Booked my first automatic watch

I was looking for a Seiko 5 series. but then I saw a this brand zeppelin and I was highly convinced to book my first automatic watch. loved the looks...
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NathanWritesWatches ·

Preferred movement for home builds?

A homemade watch is my favorite gift to give. Recently I had the pleasure of seeing these two on the wrists of family at a party. The watch on the lef...
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