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Life-saving Watch

I am just watching the Antiques Road Show on BBC, a gentleman brought in his grandfather’s pocket watch. I don’t know what type of watch it is, but th...

Trench watches - interesting sub genre of military vintage

What is known about trench watches - are they sought after or considered junk? I just bought an Avia but it’s a punt - very cute though - from a diffe...

In honor of the Blue Angels

I know im getting ahead of myself. Still waiting on rest of the parts, but im thinking of names for my build. So far ive come up with “Angel in Flight...

Happy Veterans Day to all my fellow vets in the U.S. and abroad.

From my boy @solidyetti , to others I’ve seen around: @BtownB9 , @nicely , @PearlyP , @doc8404 , @FitzHume , @TimeParatrooper , @ThatDonZeus and all o...

Cheap novelty watches

Today I went to the National Museum of The United States Air Force and I picked up this little Smith & Wesson branded watch. Cheap, horribly loud...

Squale blancpain bund a marketing fail

I have always heard the fact that Squale used to make cases for blancpain, Doxa, Heuer and so on, but it is not that easy to find actual proof of this...

Cool watch story I found while scrolling

From what I can put together this guy is a helicopter pilot and has a Tudor gmt, somehow the fire suppression system in the hangar went off and drench...

Edge of Space

The U2, affectionately known as ‘The Dragon Lady’ by it’s pilots; because to quote a now retired squadron commander, “Sometimes she is like wrestling...

Who likes a trench watch?

I just picked this up on eBay. I absolutely love the enamel dial and the red 12. I’m going to research the owner. Love that the inscription dates this...

A special 'silent service' military watch

For anyone intestered in #militarywatches Back in 2014 I was serving in one of the UK's submarines. After executing a series of operations, an embarke...