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Lume Shot - WatchCrunch Inspired

Having been on this channel for 3 weeks now, I've been so inspired by some of our lume shots in this channel. Feeling inspired and with just my iPhone...
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How important is lume?

Clearly important to some. While other lives perfectly happy lives with dresswatches, vintage or use alternative lightsources like the Casio crew would or Steven Seagal that has tritium on his Luminox...
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The Invicta Pro Diver 12167

Hey Invicta diver fans, I just thought I'd show you the Pro Diver I bought by mistake late one evening and the cool lume it has. I thought I was biddi...
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Car Wash Photos

I liked the changing colored lights reflecting off the watch, and the lume activating.
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Any tips on getting good photos of lume?

The only way I can seem to do it is in a partially lit room, would be cool to get some darker pics but they seem to pixelate and wash out. This is pro...
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Can鈥檛 Sleep鈥 Let鈥檚 See Some Late-Night Lume Shots! 馃敠

Insomnia sucks. Who鈥檚 got some cool lume shots to share? 鈥攈ere鈥檚 mine
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Lume Shots, Assemble!!!

It鈥檚 been awhile since I鈥檝e done one of these鈥ut you know what time it is. If it glows, I want to see it. Lume Shots, ASSEMBLE!!
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Zodiac SSW Pro Diver

This lume is out of control. It was still legible after sitting on the night stand overnight. I charged it up for this shot. Love the lume beneath the...
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Group Lumeshot

Decided to do a group shot to compare the differences across the generations. The explorer II and sub are swiss only from 98/99 (both a series) so sho...
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I've become addicted to good lume on watches. At this point, I don't ever see myself getting a watch that doesn't have some form of lume or backlight...
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