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Have a Super Sassy Saturday, Scholars & Savants!! 😇

My Amazing Wife

To say my wife is amazing doesn't do her justice. Tonight my wife and I celebrated our third anniversary a little early. To keep it short its been a h...

I love this watch but … 🤷🏻‍♂️

Hello everyone, Since the release of the white dial speedy i was waiting the chance to get it. I visited omega boutique to buy it , I put on my hand b...

Who else has this issue

Who’s my fellow Whorologists ? If you like this post ,give me 💯 bros

Congratulations Max!!!

Can we please give some massive love to our man @Max for reaching 100,000 subscribers on YouTube!!! I can only imagine the massive dedication you have...
10th year wedding anniversary gift from my wife. Just got it last night. The dial matches my wedding ring.
Happy Mother's Day to all the patrons of Watch Crunch, including myself, who have a mother, wife, sister, or any family member who is a mother. Today,...

Thoughts in my collection..

Hello everyone, just curious to know what do you think about my collection, discuss and recommend what should be my next watch. .. love to hear for th...

Why won’t you love me?!

Ahh…the Royale: A farthing’s worth of a watch…that to so many is a pound’s worth of sterling. Since 2019 (when I bought this iconic wonder) I have wor...

My true love. 🌹

Happy Valentine's day sweetheart.