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Bedtime stories with @edge168n: A review of R is for Rolex

With my deepest apologies to my friend @valleykilmers , who is the first person I know of who wrote this book up on WatchCrunch and also the rest of y...

Diaper Book Club LOL

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Retro 80s watch

Everyone鈥檚 dream watch in the 80s. Ah come on everyone, gotta be worth an LOL badge at least.

Reflections on the Rolex Waitlist (or How the Rolex Waitlist Saved the Watch Hobby)

Yesterday, I had a lunch at a restaurant in San Francisco that I frequent as much for the watch voyeurism as I do for the excellent food. This time, t...

Broke my hand, can麓t wear a watch on my right wrist :(

Hi Chrunchers, hope you all have a great time. I麓m not lol. Broke the bone of my pinky on the back of my hand and get a operation on Friday. Its my fi...

My pairing gave me a chuckle.

stainless steel 鉁 sapphire crystal 鉁 100m WR 鉁 screw down crown 鉁 nylon camo NATO 鉁 Spyderco Shaman with titanium scales 鉁 Dress watch on duty for tha...

Is anybody else super sick of this guy?

Every damn video he is popping up! This might classify as a negative post...dont boot me off Max! lol