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Seiko5 SNXS79 J1 (finally got one)

Really pleased. I'll swap the bracelet out for a jubilee as others have, but that will be the only change. An affordable adornment of mechanical beaut...
Loving this Japanese watch and I've been impressed with this brand. Their designs are definitely their own but very much vintage inspired and they are...

Kuoe Royal Smith 90-010

Now this watch is a thing of Beauty. Always been a Fan. Have a good day everyone

Made in Japan

I have become a fan of small Japanese brands. :)

Orient Ray 2 Classic

Orient autos hold great value! Don't know about you guys but the fact I paid a mere 160 dollars for such a beautiful piece enhances my enjoyment of ow...

90s Video Game Console Watches

Those of you who have been to Japan before may know about capsule machines. They’re little machines into which you put two or three dollars, and out c...
Future Funk Drum Roller. Unique Time piece

So where do enthusiast watches come from

I know we have a large variety of enthusiasts from around the world here on the Crunch and I was just curious which region most watch enthusiasts get their watches from. Are you like @HotWatchChick69...
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Commemorating Japan trip?

Looking for advice! Going on a trip to Japan for the first time and would like to commemorate the trip with a watch purchase. Have been looking at Gra...

Just picked got my Kuoe Kyoto ref 90-002

I am absolutely in love with everything about this piece. A near perfect example of a vintage style watch in my opinion as it is not paying tribute to...