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mikemike ·

Tokyo Visit - Any Suggestions?

I am fortunate enough to be taking a trip to Tokyo soon. Any recommendations for any must-visit * watch * related activities in the city? My itinerary...
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bikerbill ·

I want a GS quartz

This is awesome
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WatchSpiritsTokyo ·

“From under $200” | Visit a Japanese watch brand Boutique

New Video!! Did you know this Japanese watch brand?
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Uhrologe ·

Japans obsession into German coats of arms in their Logos

Hello fellows, Disclaimer: what follows is my personal subjective (unpopular) opinion. It will be a (constructive) criticism of the Japanese watch ind...
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matthype ·

Watch Snobbery

Hey Community just want to share my thoughts. I have been collecting watches a number of years now. I have been trying to get some service work done o...
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KairosChrono ·

Anybody else taking advantage of the YEN decline in value???

Anybody else purchasing directly from Japanese sellers at about 25-40% off retail US price? I know I am. 🤤🤑😎
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WatchSpiritsTokyo ·

Tokyo Watch Shopping at ISHIDA Shinjuku

We visited ISHIDA Shinjuku, a famous watch store in Tokyo. We were shown three collections representing Edox. A Swiss watch brand with a history of ov...
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Fieldwalker ·

Grand Seiko, Grand Seiko, Grand Seiko!!!! Factory Tour!

Ok - maybe post too big? Pics keep disappearing 20 min (DM me to ask for pix link) No, I didn't get one. Biggest fanboy me still doesn't have one. I r...
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harrisc852 ·

Buying watches in Japan

i am going to Osaka next week! First trip since pandemic so I am pretty excited about it. With Yen being relatively weak, does anyone know if it’s che...
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jakaplan4 ·

GS for Japan

Repping my GS Elegance SBGW287 Boshū for Japan in their WC match against Croatia. Had the BB pro on earlier, will put back on after the match
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