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Did you know the word "dial" comes from the Latin word "dies" which means "day"?

It's actually a word that was part of horology (the study and measurement of time) before it was used for dials on other devices (pressure, etc.). 馃く
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I'm also a carpenter

I decided to make a wall clock for my house based on my favorite style of watch. It is completely functional. Just have to complete the finish.

Rolex Zenith Daytona 16528.

@crown_in_oyster_case showed up with something particularly tasty today. You would think a gold @rolex Daytona from the 1980s would scream New Jersey...

Watch Timing?

This is an older Rolex timing sheet used at the end of a service. Timing of a watch, if done comprehensively, can take the better part of a week. It i...

On a clock or watch, how often do the hour and minute hands align?

Just a fun quick quiz to test your horological IQ. No Googling, and if you know the answer, don't shout it out, because others near you may be taking the quiz.
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New tool alert 馃毃

Really excited for this one. This is an advanced hand installing tool. It picks up and installs hands calibrated to a direction and movement. This one...

My first automatic

I have been down the horology rabbit hole on YouTube and I am hooked. I love watches and everything about them. This is my first automatic diver. Not...

The G100 is a Miyota 9 series

Just curious of how many people are aware of this and if it changes their perception of this movement. LJP is owned by Citizen. The G100 shares virtua...

Ray of light.

The YES WorldWatch V7 fitted with the 2400 bezel and silicon strap. It has a choice of 6 different bezel design in 4 different colors.

Unveiling Watch Influencers: Embracing Authentic Passion Over Profit

As a watch enthusiast, I have been exploring various channels run by influencers who share my love for horology. However, I have noticed a dichotomy a...