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Unruhkloben ·

High-End bang for the buck?

Hello everyone! What high end watch or watch brand in general would you consider to offer the best value? There are some discussions about good value...
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Easymoney ·

Time Piece Trading

Good watch for high end watches.... crazy money https://youtu.be/ZQnbFJMyk0k
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LukasK ·

Just curious, what do you think about Gucci watches?

Gucci is well known in the fashion industry for its luxury goods. How are their timepieces? Can they be called luxury watches, and are they any good?
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noo.2.watches ·

What makes some watches so expensive?

I know it's a very general question but wondering what makes some watches so ridiculously expensive.. Nobody seems to bat an eyelid when a watch is me...
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seiko.sucka ·

Luxury watch ownership

What is it like to own a luxury watch? Are you mindful of it and its price?
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thewatchstud ·

Richard Mille pricing

Why the heck is Richard Mille so bloody expensive? It looks like a child’s toy!
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chronovirus ·

Buying a VC

What is it like buying a Vacheron Constantin? Is it any different to buying a watch from a brand like Rolex or is it all the same?
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dont.tell.my.wife ·

Breguet vs. IWC

Breguet 7027 vs. IWC Portuguese Minute Repeater. I’m looking for my first skeleton. Price is not an issue, but it seems the Brequet gives me the same...
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paneraipercy ·

Richard Mille

Why are Richard Mille watches so expensive and how do they sell them?
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chronospartan ·

New design vs. Old classic

I really like the A. Lange Saxonia but for the price I can get a classic Daytona. Should I embrace my frivolous lust for the Saxonia? Or go for the Da...
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