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Watch brands Lost to History, and Nostalgia

Hello there watch gang, A few years back, I was looking for a watch (Daniel Wellington, don鈥檛 hate me I was still learning馃弮), and when I showed my Dad...
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Vintage 1920's Women's Ribbon Watch Band - WTF? Need Help

I got granny's watch repaired and the dial and case really cleaned up well. Now there is the problem of getting it on a wrist. It was found with this...
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Ok, I'm going to out myself here. I'm not married and I have no children, but I'm interested in knowing more about the thoughts of passing your watch(...
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Passing watches down

I'm curious how others think about passing watches down to children and whether that influences current watch-purchasing decisions. I buy watches that...
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Do your kids appreciate your watches?

My son has been curious about watches. He is 6. 2 questions: Do you plan to hand off your collection? If so, which ones and when? ... Follow me on ins...
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Do you have a heirloom in your collection?

I recently got my great-grandfathers Buren Grand Prix back from the watchmaker. It stopped working but after a service it鈥檚 up and running again. Afte...
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My grandfather鈥檚 watch

This watch without a doubt is the one that鈥檚 most special to me. My grandfather bought this beautiful Breitling Antares in 1995. He clearly loved this...
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Gift watches.

Before my Grandfather passed away, he gifted me a vintage Rolex. It's not an uber rare model (it does have a sigma dial which is pretty cool), but it'...
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My 3yr old found my wife's old Casio...

He's in! 馃槉
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Family Heirloom

My grandfather was a doctor. On one occasion, he had the difficult task of treating his best friend's wife, she had a serious condition. This Rolex Da...
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