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DariusII ·

A nod to Saint Patrick’s Day. Which of your watches may keep you from getting pinched?

Since 1631 when a feast day was established by ‘the church’ for Saint Patrick, people all over the place (usually every 17th of March) have been weari...
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Speed59 ·

Breitling Super Ocean 44

Picked up this new Super Ocean 44 several weeks ago from Breitling direct. I ordered with both the SS bracelet and the rubber strap. Both are quite ni...
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righthandwatches ·

NWA: PRX Green Waffle for Luck, Hope and a Reminder of Home💚

Hi there,watchfam! So the first purchase of 2023 is here and man did i wait long for this watch. Let's start at the beginning,shall we? So i already o...
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tempus ·

What's the real DateJust green color?

I haven't had a chance to see the green dial of the current DateJust models in person, and in the photos I've seen online, the color seems to vary qui...
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Cybotron ·

Green dials

Are you a fan or getting tired of them?
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CTReese ·

Watches for this Week: Going Green

For those who've joined me on these semi-weekly journies in re-imagining and enjoying my collection to prevent me from impulse buying, I'm sorry for n...
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Watchdan ·

Watch for wife

Looking for a watch for my wife in the region of £200-300. I like the green and gold styling of the Hugo boss watch here, but I know these are low qua...
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stafford ·

Seiko 5 X Honda Super Cub

Oh boy! Today, #seiko announced the new #seiko5 collaboration with #honda, the Seiko 5 Sports Super Cub, and it is... Well... super! Aesthetically, it...
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skinflint ·

Green dial watch.

I have a yearning for a green dial watch and I thought that I would ask for advice . The criteria is that it must be analogue, from a UK based source...
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Garlando ·

Tissot shop nyc

Didn’t buy, but had fun trying on a few watches here! love these waffle faced dials and I think I like green more than blue at the moment :)
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