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GullibleAndroid ·

My ~$30k Dream Watch Collection (Right Now 😉)

It’s a moving target, for sure, but I think I’ve nailed down my “realistic” dream watch collection. Not talking win-the-lottery-buy-Lange’s-whole-cata...
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f10pst3r ·

Thought I would turn to you lovely people in search for my 'grail' watch

Evening all! Long story short, I am yet, to this date, find my 'Grail' Watch. I love the flieger style watches, in particular the Laco/orient pilots w...
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Watchdebate ·

Need advice - should I buy one more?

Dear seasoned collectors... I have a big promotion coming up at work. The biggest and probably last in many years to come (reaching a natural ceiling)...
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SNWatchNerd ·

When your Omega Moonwatch dreams wax and wane like the moon . . .

When I began building a wish list of watches that I'd like to own one day own, the Moonwatch Professional (ideally a limited edition like an Apollo an...
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evilgnome ·

There goes the watch budget for the rest of the year....

I was able to get one of my grail watches. It blew a big hole in my watch budget, but just look at it. This is a 1962 Constellation, 34 mm. All origin...
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ChronoGuy ·

I Got The Call...Another off the Wall...

Pretty stoked today (though my wife is not 😉 )! Got the call for the Omega Speedmaster Moonshine Gold with the green dial and fully gold bracelet. Did...
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AndreSVP ·

My Story...My Future and the Grail

Hello everyone. It's not very often that I post here in Watchcrunch, despite coming to this website pretty much everyday to check everyone's posts and...
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brunofrankelli ·

Goal: JLC Master Ultrathin

I've given this a lot of thought. In 2 years and 8 months I will turn 50, the big 5-0. Not a spring chicken anymore. I decided that the gift I would g...
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TwiceTollingClock ·

Is there a such thing...?

Just a random thought: Is there a watch.... That is made by a reputable watch company That is meant as a dress watch, but that is also 300m WR That ha...
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angelos ·

New baby in the collection!

After a lot of saving and even more research, I managed to snap a GS I was drooling for long time, the SBGE275! 🎯 Having the prices falling in the sec...
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