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Muhle lume

It’s a surprise to see that this watch has such useful lume. It’s not going to impress a serious dive watch person or a self-admitted lume-nut. And my...
Good Evening Crunchers! On the way to meet friends and celebrate one of them getting a new gig. A YT star said the Hanhart 417es shouldn't be worn wit...
I enjoy this exceptionally made timepiece.
Another Muhle. This time the 28 Classic. This is the factory strap which, pleasingly, is both attractive and comfortable. I’ve put it on a butterfly c...
My buddy, Lucky, in the background as I sport my Helbros on a day off. BTW, all of those cracks you see are not in the crystal but rather in the dial....

To German speakers: How would you pronounce Glashütte? 🇩🇪🇦🇹🇨🇭🇱🇮

As a fluent German speaker, would you rather emphasise the 'Glas' (as in Trinkglas) or the 'Hütte' (as in Berghütte) part of the name (even if only subtly)? Especially if you're local to the area of G...
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Junghans watches

Just curious to see who else has a Junghans watch. Any type will do! They have a particular style that really appeals to many people. Not to all peopl...

MUHLE gets dark and handsome

Just now this watch was brought into conversation. I am blown away. I’m not generally into blackout dive watches but this one stopped me in my tracks....

Vintage Grail!

I knew when I actively started collecting watches would want a vintage watch with history. When I first saw the B-Uhr I knew it would be my vintage gr...
First day back at work after paternity leave! Wish me luck. Thought I would put some color on my new nomos. Happy Monday!