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My next watch? Feedback appreciated

I saw this in a store yesterday and absolutely love it. The same store had the Hamilton Khaki but for some reason this one really speaks to me. I've n...

Luminox Commando Raider - review

Nobody needs more than one watch, especially if all you need is an Outdoor Adventure watch. I am two sentences in and already I am cringing. The green...

Luminox Commando Raider XL.3337

2.2 Avg. Score

In Search Of鈥anbanner Lea

UPDATE! Found in England by a YouTube/Instagram watch reviewer. I spoke to him via email. He also sells watches. I bought his only one and sold him ou...

My first Timex!

Grabbed up this Timex Expedition Gallatin Solar. It fills a few first for me. First solar watch First Timex watch First field watch First watch with n...

My first field watch!

While my work is mostly in office, I always wanted a field watch which is sturdy and doesn't have the traditional looks. Something to put on and not b...


Bulova hack on this wed

Hamilton & Chris Ward - thoughts on new vs classic

I am stuck in the ever changing world that is my brain! My next watch is more than likely going to be a field watch for my daily wear. It fits my life...

Certainly changes the look of things

Just came in the mail today. Bummed at the hollow end links but stoked about the bracelet coming with screws instead of push pins. $50 would have been...

What's Your Favorite Tool Watch?

With the addition of my Expedition North Post Mechanical, I realized I have more field watches in my collection than any other style by a wide margin, even more so after my recent reduction. As it see...

The History Series - Field Watches

I would love to get feedback from this experienced community about this blog post I wrote. This is a second version with more content after I learned...

Horology, part 1 - The History of Field Watches